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NHS Lanarkshire Services 

Speech & Language Therapy  

Who do Speech and Language Therapists work with?

Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) in Lanarkshire work with children who have difficulties with:

  • Attention & Listening
  • Understanding
  • Talking
  • Speech Sounds
  • Stammering/ Non-fluency
  • Social Interaction
  • Voice Problems
  • Eating, Drinking and Swallowing

What do Speech and Language Therapists do?

Assessment & Intervention

SLTs assess, diagnose, advise and treat children with speech, language, communication and eating and drinking difficulties. Children seen by an SLT will have an assessment of their speech/language/communication/eating or drinking difficulty. The SLT will also assess the impact that difficulty is having on the child’s life and may recommend the child receives speech and language therapy intervention or give advice.

Work alongside others

SLTs work in partnership and provide training and support to a range of other agencies and Health Professionals (e.g. Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Public Health Nurses), Teachers, Early years workers, Social workers and the Voluntary Sector.

Where do we work?

SLTs work in a range of settings across Lanarkshire. These include: health centres, community clinics, hospitals, nurseries, mainstream schools, special schools and units.

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