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Patients for whom surgery is planned will go through a series of checks and questions to ensure that they are fit for their operation. This will usually be done by specially trained nurses in a preassessment clinic.


Patients who are being admitted to hospital for an operation or observation/review will usually get a bed in a general surgery ward. Although the preference is for people with vascular problems to be in the same wards in each hospital, this is not always possible due to the numbers of people needing a hospital bed.


There are four full-time vascular surgeons in Lanarkshire (Mr Hector Campbell and Mr Donald Reid at Wishaw General, Mr Stephen Kettlewell and Mr Roy Scott at Hairmyres Hospital).
A number of other general surgeons also have an involvement with vascular patients. Together they provide a wide range of vascular operations, including bypassing blockages, attending to swollen/varicose veins, and aneurysm surgery (when part of the arterial wall balloons out).

Interventional Radiology

There are three consultants in Lanarkshire who carry out a range of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions with live radiological images. They are all based at Hairmyres Hospital (Dr Cliff Murch, Dr Fong Lau and Dr Sam Millar).

Patients requiring to see an interventional radiologist will generally go to Hairmyres Hospital, but occasionally the interventional radiologist may need travel to the hospital where the patient is.