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Hospital Services 


People can have contact with Lanarkshire's hospital vascular services in a number of ways:

• when their GP refers them to a Vascular Surgeon for specialist assessment or management
• when they have been in hospital for example, to have an operation and they come back to check all is well
• when an emergency arises and they are admitted to hospital

For the first two points people get an appointment to see the Vascular Surgeon as an outpatient (they leave hospital after their appointment).
However, if the Vascular Surgeon is concerned about something or thinks an operation would be beneficial, then the person may come back to hospital as an inpatient (they will stay in hospital).
People coming into hospital in an emergency are also inpatients, but the difference is they may require their operation more quickly than is possible for inpatients whose hospital stay is planned (elective admission).

NHS Lanarkshire's vascular services are spread across the three main acute hospitals (Hairmyres, Monklands, Wishaw General) and although there are some differences in the facilities available, anyone who lives in Lanarkshire has access to the full range of tests and interventions, though this may require some travel between the hospitals.