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Community Services 


NHS Lanarkshire is working to develop more specialist vascular services in local communities that provide the same or better service locally as can be provided in hospital. This means people do not have to make unnecessary trips into hospital when they can be treated closer to home.

At the moment, there are five claudication (cramping pain you get when you exercise or walk that goes away when you rest) clinics and a vascular clinic available, but we are working to ensure the service becomes available to everyone in Lanarkshire who needs it.

Community Claudication Clinics

There are Community Claudication Clinics in Coatbridge, Cumbernauld and Airdrie, Bellshill and East Kilbride. Claudication is a cramping pain you get when you exercise or walk that goes away when you rest. It is caused by not enough blood getting to the muscles, often as a result of a blocked artery. Our three pilot clinics help people to tackle the risk factors that make their condition worse by assisting with smoking cessation, supervised exercise, medicines management and dietary advice.

The service is delivered by a specially trained multiprofessional team made up of:

• Nurses - Jennifer Rankin, Christine Paterson, and Margaret Timoney
• Physiotherapist - Morag McNaughton
• Pharmacist - Karen Rowell
• Podiatrist - Katrina Miller
• Consultant Surgeon - Roy Scott
• GP - Eamonn Brankin

For more information on accessing these clinics contact your GP.

Local Coatbridge Vascular Clinics

A local vascular service has existed in Coatbridge for some time, providing nursing assessment for all Coatbridge residents with vascular problems, not just claudication, referred by their GP.