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Stroke Managed Clinical Network (MCN) 

Think FAST and save a life CALL 999Lanarkshire was a national demonstrator site for the development of a Managed Clinical Network (MCN) for stroke, the main purpose of the MCN being to facilitate more effective working across all organisations, professions and disciplines involved with stroke services in Lanarkshire.

Lanarkshire Stroke MCN was established, following an initial stakeholder meeting, in April 2002. Since that time it has developed into a mature network which has delivered significant improvements in stroke care in Lanarkshire.

The Stroke MCN is hosted by the North Community Health Partnership (CHP). The Stroke MCN steering group reports to the CHP director as well as to the NHS Lanarkshire Modernisation Board.
Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland Advice Line 0845 077 6000
Stroke Association Helpline number 0303 3033 100