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Stop Smoking Groups 


How can stop smoking groups help me?

Stop smoking groups, held in community venues, are an effective way to quit with help from trained advisors and fellow group members.

Nicotine Replacement therapy (NRT) is free to all clients for a minimum 10 week period and is available in patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray and inhalator.

What happens at a stop smoking group?

Groups are held on a weekly basis for six weeks with two follow up sessions. They last approximately one hour. The first meeting involves discussing nicotine addiction, smoking routine and habits etc.

Groups are either Fixed, for a six week period or Rolling i.e. where new clients can attend every week and are still seen for the same six week period with two follow up appointments.

Home Visits are available for housebound clients

When and where are the groups?

Groups are held regularly in community venues throughout Lanarkshire at a variety of times. You can attend any group that is convenient for you. To find out about stop smoking groups in your area, please contact the stop smoking service below or view our local groups webpage for dates and times listed by month:

Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

on 0300 303 0242 or text 81066.