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Unused Prescriptions 


£15million worth of prescribed medicines are wasted in Scotland each year and around £2million worth of medicines are wasted in Lanarkshire alone. The money lost in wasted medicines in Lanarkshire could pay for 180 coronary bypass operations

NHS Lanarkshire has launched a campaign urging the public to help them reduce the number of wasted prescriptions. The money lost due to wasted medicines in Lanarkshire could be used to pay for 180 coronary bypass operations.

You can help to reduce prescription wastage in the following ways:

  • Tell your GP practice if you no longer require a repeat prescription and it continues to be issued.
  • Inform your GP practice if you are being prescribed the wrong amount of medication.
  • Only order the medicines that you need and do not hoard medicines at home.

Unused medicines are regularly returned to community pharmacies, but these medicines cannot be reused and must be destroyed.

To stop ordering repeat prescriptions you no longer need fill in the Medicine Waste form and hand in to your doctor or pharmacist.