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Practice Education Facilitators

As part of the ‘Facing the future' agenda and the commitment to recruiting and retaining of nurses and midwives, the Scottish Executive, NHS for Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland and Higher Education Establishments responsible for the provision of nursing and midwifery have recently supported the appointment of Practice Education Facilitators (PEFs).

These new roles are designed to contribute to the learning environment by providing support, educational input and development activities, to enhance the role of mentor as well as ensuring that students are given a worthwhile learning experience during placements. These innovative posts will enhance and assist in the development of a learning environment where both education and life long learning are seen as integral to clinical practice.

All Practice Education Facilitators are experienced clinical staff, who are committed to the education and continuing professional development of mentors. They will support nurses and midwives by further developing communication networks between all stakeholders.

The PEF’s in Lanarkshire are seconded for 3 years and are employed part time.

All are contactable via the global email system.

Gillian Taylor / Caroline Adam

Monklands General Hospital

Jean Watson

Wishaw General Hospital

Joe Dunseath / Andrea Grant

Hairmyers General Hospital

Currently there is one PEF allocated per Local Health Care Co-operative area.

Angela Tait


Eileen Pillar

Cumbernauld /Kilsyth

Audrey Demetriou


Jean Donaldson


Christine Cahill


Lorraine Hargin

East Kilbride/ Strathaven

Lorna Innes / Anne Rouse

Covering Lanarkshire’s mental heath departments.

MINTS - Training Information

MINTS, in its broadest sense, is about supporting the development of nursing roles within Unscheduled Care. This includes all nurses working in accident and emergency, emergency receiving and out of hours primary care centres. Increased pressure on our current service and the introduction of the new GMS contract have provided the platform to explore all dimesions of the nurse's role. Working with clincal staff across acute/primary care and education we have developed a Minor/Major/Injury/Illness course tailored to meet the needs of the service in Lanarkshire.

The principle aim is to titrate the assessment, diagnosis and management of minor/major injury and illness to different levels of nursing staff. This will allow the nurse to move patients as far along the patient pathway as they are competent to do thus reducing waiting times and disjointed care, leading to a better patient experience.

The educational programme consists of three generic study days followed by two module options, either minor module or major module both running one day a week for 8 weeks. The study days are supported by a competency framework. We are currently waiting on academic accreditation which is being sought through Open University at degree level.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course or how it may impact on your service contact:

Gillian Corbett

Lead Nurse

MINTS project

Tel: 01698 366607