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The Role of the Psychology Department

Welcome to the Department of Psychology, Adult Learning Disability Service. While we are based on the grounds of Kirklands Hospital, the majority of our services are delivered to persons living within the community

We specialize in using behavioural, cognitive, and skills teaching methods of helping people overcome emotional and behavioural difficulties.

While we are based on the grounds of Kirklands Hospital, the majority of our services are delivered to persons living within the community.

Patient Journey

Referrals from the community are not made directly to our Department. Our community nursing colleagues perform an initial screening using the new Health and Social Work Single Shared Assessment.

They use the criteria described below to determine if a referral should be made to the Psychology Department. They also consult these criteria when deciding if the person needs to be referred on an urgent basis.

If the person in question is already open to another member of the Community Learning Disability Health Team, that person will refer to the same criteria, and make an “Interteam” Referral. Referrals from our Assessment and Treatment Unit, and from other units of Kirklands Hospital, are made directly to the Department.

A person referred urgently will be seen before other clients on our waiting list. We want to be certain that everyone in need has fair access to our services. Because of this, a member of our Department conducts a short discussion with the person making an urgent referral, to be certain that the referral meets the urgency criteria.

Who’s who

The following clinical staff currently work in our department:

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Head of Department

Ms Gillian Anderson

Clinical Psychologist

Ms Heidi-Louise Kelly

Psychological Therapist – Interactional Challenges

Mrs Ewena McCabe

Psychological Therapist – Mental Health Issues

Mr Kevin Noon

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Natasha Purcell

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Dr Rachel Wright

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kirk Zimbelman

In addition to the staff listed above, at any time we have one or more doctoral trainees in clinical psychology working on six month placements within our department.


Our clinical staff can be contacted via our department secretaries:

  • Ms Margaret Carson
    Tel: 01698 855 522
  • Mrs Alice Lovelock
    Tel:01698 855 522