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Who we are

LANDED is a Lanarkshire-wide initiative which uses peer education to address substance misuse and sexual health issues amongst vulnerable young people. Peer education means young people are trained to pass on information to other people their own age. LANDED use this approach because young people are more likely to listen and respond to their peers.

What we do
  • Provide Peer Education training programmes for young people
  • Provide issue-based training for young people on drugs, alcohol, sexual health and blood-borne viruses (HIV/Hepatitis)
  • Provide personal development training for young people
  • Provide peer education training for staff and adults who work with young people
  • Co-ordinate peer-led workshops in drugs and alcohol awareness run by young volunteer peer educator
  • Provide an environment that meets the needs of young people and helps them to learn and grow
  • Promote peer education as a positive approach to working with young people
  • Provide opportunities for young people’s personal development and experiences
  • Improve the quality of interventions with young people using peer education as a process
  • Measure the impact of our interventions with young people to demonstrate increased confidence, self esteem and knowledge
  • Help young people to be part of the solution and not the problem!

More about LANDED

LANDED is innovative:
  • by having young people play key roles in its management
  • in the number of partner organisations actively supporting its development
  • by providing a high level of key worker support to young peoplefor being given high priority within North and South Lanarkshire Children’s Service Plans and Community Safety Plans
  • because of the prominence LANDED is given in the Lanarkshire Alcohol & Drug Action Team strategy
LANDED has established a Lanarkshire-wide ‘brand’ which is seen as offering a complementary service to other local agencies working with young people. It has established links to national networks, and is seen as a potential vehicle for the significant development of peer education services across Lanarkshire.

Contact Details:
150-152 Merry Street
Tel: 01698 269872
Email: peers@landed.info