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Why should I register with a GP?

By asking to register with a GP, you are simply asking your local GP to be responsible for your ongoing medical care. If you are accepted, the GP is confirming that he or she will accept this responsibility. You will then know where to go for local medical care.

Where is my nearest GP surgery?

You can find your nearest GP surgery by entering your postcode or location on our
Service Finder.

What if my chosen GP practice says its list is full ?

If you are informed by a practice that they have no space then you should try an alternative practice. Within the terms of the GP contract, if a practice list is full and closed to new registrations, the practice needs to formally ask the Health Board to close their list.

To verify if a practice list is full or if you have any other problems finding a GP practice that is open to new registrations, you can contact Lea Ann Tannock from the Primary Care Department on 01698 858147 or email Lea.Tannock@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk.

What if my GP surgery is closed?

In these circumstances, you should telephone the NHS 24 helpline on 111.

I am a UK citizen but only living here for a short time

You can register as a temporary resident if you are in the area for more than 24 hours up to three months.

I am a European Union citizen and am only living here for a short time

If you are here for a short time you can get emergency care:

  • in the Accident and Emergency Department
  • at a GP surgery