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Fresh Start

Fresh Start 

Fresh Start is a 12-week lifestyle programme that can help people improve their health and wellbeing. We can guide you through the steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

The programme is for men and women of all ages in the Wishaw/Shotts area and provides a friendly place to learn about health issues.

Even small changes in lifestyle can significantly improve health, fitness and well-being.

We can guide you through the steps towards a healthier lifestyle and provide advice on healthy eating and fitness. New Fresh Starters can expect to have their blood pressure and weight checked.

Programmes take place at Wishaw Library and Shotts Healthy Living Centre. We have health professionals who will give you advice on a range of health topics, including:

  • podiatry
  • mental health and diet
  • smoking
  • physiotherapy
  • continence
  • weight management and
  • fitness

Wendy Kennedy: 01698 863235
Loretta Ostadal: 01698 863257

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