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ETHoS Developing an Environment of Care 

Integrating spiritual care


My grief for the life that I knew and what it might become was profound...The therapeutic value of the environment helped in my recovery...I had space to think, to heal, to regain my spirit. I was still 'ME', with another set of priorities, but I was still same old 'ME' - Marianne Rowan, Lanarkshire Stroke MCN, Patient Carer Group
By acknowledging the grief associated with illness and recognising the inner spiritual strength and resilience within humanity, we can support people more fully. A holistic ethos of care supports self-care and the personal quest for well being.

The ETHoS project was born following research into the spiritual needs of stroke patients and their carers.

Supported by the NHSLanarkshire Managed Clinical Network for Stroke, the aim of the project was to develop a spiritual awareness and greater understanding of the holistic needs of patients and carers, post stroke.

What has evolved is an approach to training and service development which supports frontline staff and managers in making the important transition to a truly person centred, collaborative, community based service.

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