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ETHoS Application

The compassion was already present in the students, it was a case of allowing it to be offered in a way that was helpful to those in their care and learning to listen to their own deeper feelings for their own care.

In order to integrate spiritual care systemically into the service, the knowledge and skills required were identified and integrated into the overall core competency framework for stroke within the MCN. General and in-depth training modules were developed and piloted to support the identified competencies.

Along with this, physical environments of care were examined from a spiritual care perspective to suggest ways of creating a more holistic environment for patients, carers and staff. Suggestions were made for means of a more intentional approach to supporting self-care. 

Finally a form was designed to aid in delivering a more personalised care. A follow up project developed a process of using patient narratives to help in the continual quality assurance of a person centred service.

It is hoped that a further small project using case studies to bring staff together from different professional perspectives and at different points on the patient journey, will help to round off the project.