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ENT Pre-Assessment 


The Pre-Assessment clinic helps prepare you for your surgery, provides a range of information and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

Once you agree to come into hospital for inpatient treatment you will be sent an appointment with a date and time of your Pre-Assessment clinic, and also a provisional date for your theatre admission.

It is very important you attend this appointment; failure to attend will result in cancellation or postponement of your operation.

If you are unable to attend please contact 01236 713068 for an alternative appointment time.

A number of staff are involved with the clinic including:

Nursing Staff

Pre-Assessment Sisters will explain what is involved in your stay in hospital and any aftercare you may require.

They will take your medical history and may carry out some routine tests, such as height, weight, urine tests and blood tests.

They may also sent you for some tests you may require prior to you undergoing your anaesthetic such as heart tracing, chest x-ray and breathing tests.

Medical Staff

As the ENT/Maxillofacial Pre-Assessment Clinic is run by nursing staff the doctor will not be seeing you at this clinic.

If it is felt you require to be seen by a member of the Medical staff arrangements can be made whilst you are at the clinic.

The anaesthetist is not normally at the clinic but if the nurse feels you require to be seen urgently she can call them to see you whilst you are at your appointment.

Where is the Clinic?

The ENT & Maxillofacial Pre-Assessment Clinics take place on Ward 9, Monklands Hospital.

The clinics are held between 9am – 1pm Monday to Friday with some afternoon appointments on request.

The length of each appointment varies and depends on your health and which tests you require while you are at the clinic. Please allow between 30 mins and two hours.

What do I need to bring to the Pre-Assessment Clinic with me?

  • Medication you are taking at present, in the labelled boxes
  • A urine sample
  • You may wish to bring a friend or relative with you particularly if you are hard of hearing or are dependant on others for assistance
  • A list of questions you may have regarding your surgery, hospital stay and recovery