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Child and Adolescent mental health services (Child and Family clinics) 


This service is a specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for children and Young People aged 0-16th birthday, and their families, who are experiencing significant emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties.

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) is committed to providing a therapeutic service for children, young people and their families living in Lanarkshire. We endeavour to be accessible in such a way that families and children find it easy to engage and work with us. We aim to help young people and families to make the changes they wish to make. We value openness and respect for individuals’ wishes in the context of helping children to develop in a healthy way that allows them as full a range of choices in adulthood as is possible.

Where are we based?

There are five CAMHS teams covering the Lanarkshire area. The service is an outpatient service provided mainly at the three locations where the teams are based: -

Clydesdale Team                
194 Quarry Street        
Tel: 01698 426 753             

East Kilbride Team 
Fourth Floor
Hunter Community Health Centre
Andrew Street
East Kilbride
G74 1AD
Tel 01355 597465

Hamilton Team        
194 Quarry Street        
Tel: 01698 426 753              

Monklands/Cumbernauld Team
Glendoe Building
Coathill Hospital
Hospital Street Coatbridge
Tel: 01236 707 774 or 01236 707 779

Motherwell Team
Airbles Road Centre
49 Airbles Road
Tel: 01698 269 651

Bellshill/Coatbridge Team
Coatbridge Health Centre
Tel: 01236 438402

Each team provides a multi-disciplinary community based service staffed by child and adolescent psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, mental health clinicians, child and adolescent psychotherapists, social workers and administrative support. 

Aims and Objectives of CAMHS

  • To provide a service to those children and Young People experiencing mental health difficulties of a moderate to severe nature.
  • To provide a community based resource to the children, young people and families of Lanarkshire.
  • To provide a multi-disciplinary service where service users receive the opinion and assessment of more than one professional
  • We aim to promote and confirm health as well as diagnose illness where appropriate
  • To respect the views of all family members by discussing with them the presenting problems and arriving at a joint understanding
  • To promote interagency collaboration, respecting the skills and roles of other agencies whilst preventing duplication of work.
  • The service seeks to respond to the families and referrer’s needs within the limits of the organisational context

A systematic overview is taken in considering the needs of the individuals, families and the extended community networks involved in supporting the family and in addressing the presenting difficulties. Although the focus of assessment is initially systematic there is a wide range of treatment interventions and professional skills available to provide appropriate evidence based practice to meet need.

Emergency Situations

The CAMH Service does not offer an out of hours service. If individuals find themselves confronted with what they see as an acute psychiatric problem then the appropriate route for help is to ask the family to contact their GP urgently or to ask the family to attend Accident and Emergency. Although these services are not specialised child psychiatric services they are structured to offer emergency interventions and if necessary can arrange for children to be admitted to the most appropriate inpatient facility and/or referred onwards to social services. The CAMHs service may be involved at a later stage.

Hours of Service:

The CAMH Service is available during normal working hours 9am- 5pm Monday to Friday.

Functional Teams

There are a number of teams offering specific services to children who have a mental health problem and who have a parent with Mental Health Problems (REACHOUT), Children who are looked after and accommodated (CAYP), Children with less severe mental health problems (PMHT, Lanarkshire Youth Counselling service) and a wraparound team which support children with complex needs who are being seen by one of the teams.

These services are based in

CAMHS Glenshirra
Coathill Hospital
Hospital Street

Tel: 01236 703010