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What is child protection?

Child protection means that there are arrangements in place to protect children from neglect and abuse. There are lots of people working to protect children in Lanarkshire. These include teachers, nursery staff, health visitors, family doctors, police officers and children’s reporters.

They work for a number of organisations: NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council, South Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration and Strathclyde Police. Together, they are responsible for looking after the welfare of children in Lanarkshire.

What if I’m a child being abused - who can I speak to?

Talk to an adult you trust such as a parent or teacher and tell them what is happening. Any of the people listed above (teachers, nursery staff, health visitors, family doctors, police officer, and children’s reporters) will be happy to listen to anything you want to tell them. There is more help and advice at the Childline website or call Childline confidentially on 0800 1111 for free, 24-hour advice.

What if I an adult am worried about potential child abuse or neglect?

You should tell one of the people listed above about your concerns.

What is NHS Lanarkshire doing to protect children?

NHS Lanarkshire has a Child Protection Team which is led by the nurse consultant - child protection and vulnerable children. The team includes: the nurse consultant, child protection advisors, administrative staff and child protection doctors (paediatricians).

The team’s job is to make sure NHS Lanarkshire has the right systems to provide protection to children & support staff who work with children & families. They also provide support to deal with any cases of abuse or neglect.

NHS Lanarkshire also has child protection link nurses based at the Accident and Emergency Departments of Monklands, Hairmyres and Wishaw General Hospitals. The Child Protection Link Nurses help to support staff in the hospitals to take action to protect children from harm.

To help protect the interests of children, NHS Lanarkshire also does the following:

  • Child protection awareness session for all new staff when they join NHS Lanarkshire
  • Comprehensive child protection training for health staff who work directly with children and families
  • Implementation of Getting Our Priorities Right: Good Practice Guidance for working with Children and Families affected by Substance Misuse protocols produced by the Scottish Government
  • Commitment to Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) remove “agenda” The Scottish Government 2006
  • An assessment framework to help health staff identify vulnerable children
  • Child protection supervision for public health nurses (health visitors and school nurses).

NHS Lanarkshire is a member of North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee and South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee.