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Proposed Changes to Car Parking 



NHS Lanarkshire has been reviewing the management of car parking across all NHS Lanarkshire sites.

A short life working group has been established, with staff and patient representatives, to review the car parking arrangements.

This group has drafted a proposed car parking policy (see related documents) based on initial stakeholder engagement.

Earlier this year, NHS Lanarkshire sought comments from staff and the public, particularly from patients and visitors, on what was being proposed.


A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report submitted to NHS Lanarkshire highlighted the need to develop a system of car park management across all our sites.

The purpose of undertaking this work is to ensure that all parking is managed safely, takes place in appropriate parking areas only, and to put in place arrangements to deal with issues arising when vehicles are parked in areas which are not designated for parking. 

In addition, there is an opportunity to ensure that suitable parking for patients, visitors and key staff is made available.

Any future car parking arrangements which are proposed should:

• Provide more equitable parking for patients, visitors and essential staff.
• Have an agreed set of rules which are easily understandable by all.
• Have an appeals process to ensure no unreasonable penalties are applied.

Next steps

Further work is taking place develop the policy following the comments received from the public and staff earlier this year. The final policy will be considered by the NHS Lanarkshire Board. The new policy will prior to being implemented and will be widely communicated to the public and staff.