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Finances - Costs and Benefits 


There may be charges for the services received by the person you care for but they may also qualify for financial help and welfare benefits.

Who will pay?

As well as working out what services the person is entitled to through a Community Care Assessment, it is also necessary to calculate how much, if anything, they will pay towards these services.

This will be done through a financial assessment, where the finances of the person you care for will be assessed.

The person you are caring for can choose not to have a financial assessment and in this case they will be expected to pay the full charges for the services provided.

Hospital Discharges

People aged 65 and over, who have been assessed as requiring home care services, will not be charged for the first four weeks of service following a stay in hospital, if they were not receiving a service prior to their admission to hospital. If they were paying for services before their stay in hospital, they will continue to pay for services from the first day that they are discharged.

However, free Personal Care, such as bathing and dressing, continues for those aged 65 years and over. For further information contact your local Social Work Service.

Welfare Benefits and Financial Support

Both you and the person you are caring for may be entitled to claim benefits. Below is a list of some of the benefits you or the person you are caring for may be entitled to:

  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Carer Allowance
The above is not an exhaustive list of the benefits available.

For access and assistance contact:

Pension Service:

Citizens Advice Bureau:

Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre:

Local Social Work Office:

Local Money Matters (South Lanarkshire only):

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