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All of us can occasionally find ourselves struggling with the stresses of everyday life.

Although we can sometimes feel down, there are simple ways we can improve our mental health and wellbeing.

It is also good to know what we can do to help others who, for one reason or another, are feeling down.

Accepting ourselves

  • We are all entitled to respect.
  • Our beliefs, culture, religion, sexuality and background make us who we are.

Accepting others

  • We sometimes feel afraid of people who we think are different.
  • We are all more alike than different.
  • Accepting others helps us feel better.
  • Everyone has something to offer.

Talking about it

  • Sometimes we can feel isolated and overwhelmed by our problems – it can help to share those feelings with others – such as friends, family, colleagues, appropriate professionals, volunteers.

Being a good listener

  • Good listening is a skill.
  • Just talking about things can help someone work things out.
  • Try to avoid making judgements and offering too much advice on what they should or could do.

Keeping in touch with friends

  • Friends are important, especially at difficult times.
  • Be there, and our friends will be there for us too.

Getting involved

  • Meeting new people and getting involved in things can help us feel valued and make a difference to others.
  • Joining a club or volunteering can be very rewarding.

Drinking in moderation

  • Drinking alcohol to deal with problems will only make things worse.
  • It’s best to drink in moderation and avoid binges.

Take care with drugs

  • Drugs can trigger mental health problems.
  • If you have a drug problem, talk to someone about it.
  • NHS Lanarkshire has a supportive drug and alcohol policy.

Learn new skills

  • Learning a new skill can increase our confidence whether it’s for pleasure, to make new friends or to improve the chances of a job.

Do something creative

  • Creative activities can increase confidence.
  • Music, writing, painting, cooking and gardening can all help.


  • Try and make time to relax.
  • Reading, listening to music or exercising can help us unwind.
  • Do what you find enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Do not let these things be the first to go if you are feeling under pressure.

Keeping active

  • Regular exercise really helps if we’re feeling low in mood or anxious.
  • It can give us more energy too.
  • Do something you enjoy.


  • When times are difficult, sometimes all we can do is survive.
  • Take one day at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Take time out if you need it.

Asking for help

  • We all need help from time to time.
  • This can be from friends and family or others.
  • It’s good to ask for help, even if it feels difficult.

This advice has been adapted from resources provided by MIND.

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